Covid safety

1. On enrolment in the study

All participants will receive the COVID‐19 Information Sheet that explains to participants how they can help to keep themselves and others safe from virus transmission while participating in the Chat2 study.

2. Screening for symptoms, travel and contact with confirmed cases

a. 24 hours prior to attending the study centre, participants will receive an email or text message reminding them that they should notify the research team and not attend if they have been experiencing symptoms that could be related to COVID‐19, if a close contact has suspected or confirmed COVID‐19 case or if they have recently returned from overseas (within 14 days).

b. Upon arrival at the study centre, individuals will be asked by the research staff if they:

currently have any symptoms related to COVID‐19 (i.e. fever, coughing, sore throat, or any flu‐like symptoms)

have been in contact with a confirmed COVID‐19 case or have returned from overseas in the past 14 days If a participants answers yes to either of these questions the researcher will advise them to go home. Participants who begin to display symptoms of COVID‐19 (a fever, cough or other respiratory symptoms), or who think they have been exposed to the virus, are advised to call the Coronavirus Health Information Hotline on 1800 300 243 or their own doctor for advice.

3. Physical distancing

In accordance with current State guidelines, researchers will maintain 1.5 meters distance between themselves and participants. Participants will be reminded to remain 1.5 metres from each other and not to shake hands.

4. Hand washing

Participants will be asked to use hand sanitiser or wash their hands as they enter the research rooms.

5. Meals

All meals will be undertaken in a food laboratory that is large enough for physical distance to be easily maintained and complies with restrictions on room capacity set by the venue. In addition, COVID‐safe screens will be placed to separate participants whilst eating.

6. Cleaning and disinfection

Hospital grade sanitisation products will be used. Chairs, tables, door handles and other surfaces that participants may come into contact with during attendance at the study centre will be disinfected by the research staff prior to the arrival of participants. Hand sanitiser will also be available for participants to use.

7. Masks

Participants will be provided with a mask and can ask research staff to wear a mask if they feel more comfortable to do so. They will also be informed that others may not be wearing a mask.

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